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An Olive Branch Approach to Family Law

We aggressively represent clients in contested divorce matters, but also encourage individuals to consider the option of collaborative divorce. Our reasoning is simple: Would you rather have this period of your life typified by antagonism and courtroom battles, or by amicable resolution and closure? Our firm has been instrumental in helping clients divorce peaceably and cost-effectively. But if we are not able to peaceably resolve your dispute, we are prepared to go to Court with you to effectively litigate, and fight for your interests in court.

Resolving family law and divorce matters is never easy, but it does not have to be marked by hostility, anxiety or opposition. At the Utica-based law firm of Kalil & Eisenhut, LLC, we encourage our clients to take advantage of peaceable ways of resolving marital dissolution matters. This has been the cornerstone of our practice. For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation, contact us today.